Meeting recap

Alex Morgan – World Cup and Olympic Soccer Champion

This fall, Noemi decided focus on Alex Morgan, one of her personal heroes. To prepare fore the meeting, she shared videos of Alex being interviewed, being honored by President Obama and a few of her most amazing goals. The Damsels also read her biography and 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Morgan.

It’s a good thing they came prepared, because Noemi started off the evening with some Alex Morgan trivia while the girls enjoyed grilled cheese waffles for dinner!

Next, they did a couple of great teamwork games. They made a human knot, but managed to get out quickly with good communication (and “because we’re small”). They also did an exercise where they tried to guide each other into drawing the same thing while sitting back-to-back. This one was really tough.

They talked about times they were part of great teams. Here are some of their replies:

During start-up weekend, everyone had to do their part, or the project wouldn’t work.

We did a trust building exercise at school. Everyone was in a circle and we took turns answering the teacher’s questions. People shared really personal things.

Whenever I’ve been in Shakespeare plays, we build a really nice community.

The re-watched Alex’s goals because that video is amazing and then talked about how Alex inspires them. Here are a few of the ways:

She inspires me to play sports. She really works for it.

She’s really into women’s rights.

She and others asked for equal pay.

She wrote a book series “The Kicks”. It’s also a show.

She does so many things like Alex & Me.

Finally, they talked about action ideas. Some of the options were: hold a fund raiser for breast cancer research, write to Alex Morgan, Facetime Alex Morgan, hold a community soccer game or kick-a-thon to benefit breast cancer research, volunteer to teach little kids soccer, go watch a local women’s soccer match (maybe even walk out with them). The group decided that they want to encourage little kids to play soccer and we will be looking for an opportunity to help support a local program or team.