Meeting recap

Carol Burnett – Who showed us that funny women can make it big

Damsel Delphine chose Carol Burnett as the focus for November. Along with reading about Carol from the book RAD American Women A – Z by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl, the girls had a fantastic time “researching” Carol Burnett through videos of her show. They came to the meeting well prepared, full of inspiration and giggles.


While sharing dinner, they discussed the obstacles that Carol faced during her early years and how different the world was at the time she launched her show. They were impressed that she kept going and being funny even when things were really hard for her.

Delphine asked the group to list similarities they have with Carol. They shared that she was not flawless, is always funny (even when it was hard), likes singing and acting, loves to joke and that she persisted! She also asked them to share some of the funniest things they have ever done and had to take a few breaks because they were laughing too hard to continue the discussion.


They continued the laughing while watching a few favorite clips from The Carol Burnett show.

Finally, they brainstormed ideas for action. The options included: Do a play as a fundraiser for theater, hold a joke-a-thon, perform a comedy routine and share jokes at a senior center and create a video to send to Carol Burnett. Ultimately, they decided to make a video inspired by her skits. They have been working with and learning from the Reel Grrls and are acquiring skills to help them amplify their voices.

UPDATE – you can find the finished project here. Enjoy!