Meeting recap

Dame Emma Thompson – Acts like herself

Ansuya (theater buff and huge Shakespeare fan) chose Dame Emma Thompson for the Damsel focus this month. She asked the group to learn a bit about Emma Thompson on Wikipedia and they all loved watching her on Ellen (a previous Damsel inspiration!).

After sharing dinner, Ansuya asked the group “how and when did Emma Thompson inspire you?” Here are some of the great answers:

  • It’s inspirational how sometimes people are forced to do things by their parents, but Emma Thompson decided to do her own thing
  • She is a dame and that inspired me
  • She worked hard on her career
  • She’s done so many different roles
  • She’s 60 and acts like she is 30

Next, she asked what they each found interesting about Emma Thompson:

  • She hasn’t faded out of style
  • She didn’t want to be an actress and then ended up being an amazing actress
  • She picked a job that she liked and then did it really well
  • How she’s an actress, writer and producer ant that is really cool
  • She doesn’t care what people think of her and does what she wants

Finally, she asked what Emma Thompson has taught each of them as a person:

  • You don’t have to decide what you’re going to do right away
  • You have to work hard to do what you want
  • You don’t have to only have one job
  • Just be yourself
  • You know need to know what your path is going to be early on

After this great discussion, they talked about action ideas. Some options: donate to human rights activists, environmental clean up, street theater, raise money for kid acting classes, go to an acting class, help with Shakespeare in the park, perform our own skit that we write. The group decided that they would perform a skit at a neighborhood event and donate the proceeds to Shakespeare in the park – they even started rehearsing immediately. Stay tuned.