Meeting recap

Ellen DeGeneres – Be Kind

Maya hosted the October meeting and asked her fellow Damsels to learn about Ellen DeGeneres. Maya selected her because she has made Maya laugh for years, and Maya appreciates her kindness and bravery.  To prepare for the meeting, the group read from Ellen’s Wikepedia page, watched her perform on Johnny Carson, watched a video of a superfan, watched her come out to Oprah and give a tribute to the Obamas. They also visited the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund site and watched her wife give her an amazing birthday present.

Fortunately, they came prepared and Maya opened the meeting with some Ellen trivia questions (What Pixar character did she voice? What is her full name? What species does she protect?). Next she asked the group what they admire about Ellen. Some of the answers: She’s awesome; I love her funny videos; she has a good show and is awesome; she gives away random things, she is very nice and an activist for women’s rights and the rights of women to marry; she is inspiring and generous and wants to boost confidence; she stands up for animals; she was brave to announce she was gay on her show; she is kind to everyone.

Maya shared a few of her favorite Ellen clips and some popcorn! Inspired by Ellen, Maya had set up several games for her friends to play and had a “group hug” bell that rang more than once.

After the laughs and treats, they shared ideas for action. Here are some of the ideas shared: Face time Ellen; do something to support the wildlife fund; write a letter to Ellen – they want to be on her show; send her a video telling her about what they do; be kind; give out “be happy” rocks; donate to a homeless shelter, volunteer to help at the local YWCA.

They eventually agreed that they could spread kindness in Ellen’s honor by volunteering and helping lots of women. Their parents are working to schedule a date to help at the local YWCA. They finished out the meeting with more hugs and cake to celebrate Maya’s upcoming birthday.