Meeting recap

Frida Kahlo – Seeing through her eyes

Female Focus

Damsel leader – Delphine

Influential woman – Frida Kahlo

Why Frida? – I chose Frida Kahlo because when I was young I learned about a really great artist named Frida Kahlo when I was doing art at school. So, when my mom asked me to chose someone to pick for our meeting, I wanted to do something no one else has done. We’ve done singers, racers, actresses, TV show hosts, judges and a lot more. Then, I realized that we have not done an artist. I remembered Frida Kahlo and decided right then and there that I would choose Frida Kahlo, one of the greatest female artists of all time, yet she never knew it.


Before the meeting, we researched online for possible links. I found the following and asked the rest of the group to read and watch these:

Wikipedia page

Short Video

Images of her paintings

PBS video (older)



Trivia Game Q&A:

Q: When did Frida Kahlo die?

A: 1954

Q: About how many paintings did she create?

A: About 7,140

Q: What disease did she have?

A: Polio

Q: How old was she when she got the disease?

A: 6 years old

Q: What did she want to be when she was young?

A: She wanted to be a doctor

Q: What was she called in her obituary?

A: Painter, wife of Diego Revera

Q: When did she start painting?

A: When she got hit by a bus

Bonus Question

Q: How old was she when she got hit by a bus?

A: 18 years old

Discussion Questions

How is Frida Kahlo special?

“Her unibrow.”

“Her unique style.”

“Some people say I kinda look like her.”

“She expresses herself through art and clothing.”

“She persisted with her art (disease, accident).”

“She always kept going.”

“Art really helped her get through everything.”

“She is probably the most famous Mexican artist.”

Her self portraits- why so many?

“She was exploring herself”

“She’s self obsessed.” Some say no

“She was alone a lot so she needed someone to be with her.”

If you painted yourself, what feature would you change/focus on?

“I would have tomatoes for my eyes”

“I would change my eyes into lemon slices.”

“I would focus on my hair.”

“I would turn my eyes into chocolate.”

“I would focus on my untamed hair”

“My t-shirt would be made of pasta.”

“I would focus on my unibrow.”

“My mouth would be made of watermelon, my eyes would be lemons and my ears would be strawberries.”

What is Frida in one word?










Action Ideas

Paint a big picture

Spread awareness

Raise money for Polio

Donate to kid’s art programs

Help paint signs with Reel Grrls

Action Plan

Our plan for our action for Frida Kahlo is to help Reel Grrls with painting posters for the next upcoming women’s march.