Meeting recap

Jennifer L Holm – Creates relatable heroes

For the December meeting, Maya invited the Damsels to learn about Jennifer L Holm by watching these videos:

Jennifer L Holm About the Book

Author Spotlight: Jennifer L Holm

In Maya’s words “I was really excited to have my turn because I am really excited to share about one of my favorite graphic novelists, Jennifer L Holm. Some of you might already know about her or read her books, but she has written the Babymouse series and Squish Series, as well as Sunny Side Up and many more”.

“I picked her because her books have been a big part of my life for many years. Her books are relatable and fun. When Jennifer was little she grew up with lots of comic books in her house but she wanted to read about an inspiring relatable girl in them. There were too many boys as the main hero. That’s how she came to write Babymouse”.

To kick off the meeting, the group played Telestrations and laughed a lot!

To lead the discussion, Maya asked the group the question – What about Raina and Jennifer Holm inspires you?

  • Inspired Maya to write
  • Inspired Maddie top take action
  • Inspired by scholastic+random house for publishing books by them (Jewel)
  • Inspired Delphine to be strong and rad

The group had a huge brainstorm and came up with lots of great action ideas:

  • cartoon book
  • panel at comic con or geek girl con
  • planting party!!!
  • short comic about damsels
  • squish all damsels in progress into one comic book character
  • buy babymouse books and put them in free libraries
  • raising money with a comic book and giving the proceeds to buying babymouse book
  • Stuff all the damsels INTO one human

The voted and decided to work together to create a graphic novel about all of the Damsels. Stay tuned for the results!