Meeting recap

Katherine Johnson and NASA

Inspired by the amazing movie Hidden Figures, the Damsels’ reading and discussion focused on Katherine Johnson this month. Laurence selected the book Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky and suggested that the group read the section about Katherine Johnson and also watch these great Makers video shorts.


Laurence led the group through a quick introduction round of “two truths and one lie” and they learned that one of them is allergic to grass, one has been to the Caribbean and that one used to have a collection of sharp pointy things.

The group was small this month, but well prepared. One of the Damsels had been lucky enough to meet Margot Lee Shetterly who wrote Hidden Figures and she shared some of her insights with the rest of the group.

After some great brainstorming about potential actions (including a huge math-themed carnival), the girls combined several ideas into one. They are going to create a flyer about Katherine Johnson to spread awareness about her story as well as the importance of math in science. They plan to include some fun math games to encourage people to stretch their knowledge. We are all really looking forward to the final product.