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Maya Lin, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the environment

The second Damsels meeting was just as fun and even more interactive than the first. The girls participated in an ice breaker called “Me Too”. They took turns telling the group about something they like, a ball of yarn was then passed to everyone else who shared that ‘like’, creating a literal web of connections.


This month, they again read from the fantastic book RAD American Women A – Z by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl with a focus on the architect Maya Lin.

Everyone came prepared with one observation and one question. This really helped as Maddie led an energetic discussion about Maya Lin. One of the great questions asked was, “if you could design a memorial what would it be?” Some of the ideas included designing a memorial to ‘Former Great Presidents’ and a memorial to pet cats, in huge cat form with cat names listed on it.

We watched two new Maya Lin related videos: Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Maya Lin – What is Missing? (the girls gave this video a round of applause).


We looked briefly at Maya Lin’s website This is a remarkably beautiful site with a great deal of content. Everyone seemed very curious about it and the girls plan to explore more with their parents at home.

When it came time to choose an action they began with a list of 11 possible action items inspired by everything they had discovered about Maya Lin. They managed to narrow the options down to two actions, either planting trees or sponsoring an endangered animal. They reasoned that by increasing healthy habitat they would also be helping wildlife. We are working with a local parks group to schedule a time to help with planting or park upkeep. We’ll post details soon.

The evening ended with the distribution of recognition buttons as designed by Maddie to honor Maya Lin’s most famous design – the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. As always, there was also some silliness.


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