Meeting recap

Michelle Obama – Get Moving

This January, Mari has decided to ask the Damsels to learn about and celebrate Michelle Obama. She chose Michelle because “she is an inspiring role model for all girls and especially girls of color, she’s strong, smart, and has a great sense of humor.” Mari especially likes Michelle’s guest appearance in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

To prepare for the meeting, Mari asked the group to review a few informative websites, interviews and videos of Michelle Obama:—fast-facts/index.html

In her honor, Mari opened the meeting by asking the girls to take turns leading a dance to Stevie Wonder’s Get Moving. It seemed like the perfect way to open this meeting.

By the time the girls got together to discuss Michelle Obama, they all had similar thoughts. They shared that they found her to be awesome, inspirational and that they were all so sad to see the Obamas leave. They were especially impressed with the way she donated her leadership and money to end childhood obesity. The girls had a good discussion about what they could do to honor Ms. Obama and watched the video with Ellen (another Damsels favorite!).

Ultimately, they decided on two actions. They wanted to learn more about her early life and decided to watch the movie South-side with Me together. They also really liked how she taught kids to work in the garden and agreed that they would all donate food from their gardens to local food banks this summer.