Moving “Dougie” and learning about the urban forest

We had a great day at Lewis Park with Forest Steward Peter Kalmes working to accomplish our second Damsels in Progress action inspired by Maya Lin. Peter gave us an overview of the Green Seattle Partnership and the history of restoration at Lewis Park.

The girls met “Dougie”, the Douglas Fir who is situated in an area of the park where he currently does not get enough sunlight.

A little further down the trail, Peter showed us the area where we will transplant Dougie in the fall. Peter explained which weeds and invasive species needed to be removed from the area and which native plants could remain.


After weeding, the girls and parent helpers carried mulch in a high energy bucket brigade.


They still had enough energy afterwards to portage a toddler.


Peter was impressed with the amount work the girls were able to accomplish in their time in the park. One of the Damsels reported that she was surprised by how much fun they had and how well they worked together as a team. After mulching Dougie’s new bed, Peter treated the  girls and parents to a tour of the partially completed trail in the park, and he explained the further work that will happen there. Anyone interested in joining Seattle park work groups can do so here.


Post update: Dougie has been planted!

In October, the Damsels once again joined Forest Steward Peter Kalmes in Lewis Park to complete Dougie’s move.

The girls dug, hauled, mulched and watered. They also enjoyed a beautiful day in the park and successfully transplanted Dougie.

Damsel dad Simon carved stones to commemorate the experience. We can’t wait to revisit and watch Dougie grow to his full potential.