Meeting recap

Patti Smith – Who put the poetry in punk rock

The artist, poet and musician Patti Smith was the Damsels’ focus for the month of September. Noemi was the meeting leader and choose to read about Patti from the book RAD American Women A – Z by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl. In addition to the reading, the girls also prepped by watching the following interviews and performances: Patti Smith: punk poet queenThe Staggering Genius of Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’, Gloria performed live and Horses and Hey Joe live.


During their meeting, the girls watched this video of Patti performing on the Tonight Show earlier that week. She is still rocking and People Have the Power is a perfect song about using your voice to create change. We’re pretty sure this is the Damsel’s new theme song.


After the reading and video, Noemi led a great discussion. She started by asking the group what they thought they had in common with Patti Smith. Here are some of their very honest answers: she’s skinny, likes to sing, is shy, feels more powerful on stage, likes Picasso, listens to music, reads poetry, does some weird art, used to be sick as a kid, she believes in herself. Next, they took turns talking about their individual strengths and weaknesses. The strengths list was significantly longer and they were really supportive of each other’s answers. They also introduced a new way to ask the group to be quiet for the speaker. Instead of shushing, they say very dramatically “And a hush fell over the crowd…”. So far, the hush falls and it works!

Finally, it was action time. They debated several options including holding a concert or creating a flyer for awareness. They ended up planning a garage sale fund raiser to benefit KEXP (an amazing local non-profit radio station that champions Patti Smith). The sale is this weekend and they plan to deliver their donation to the station soon after.


The meeting ended in a free for all dance party. Seems like Patti would approve.