Self-defense class for the Damsels

Damsels in Progress self defense

In October, the Damsels learned about Michelle Waterson and her dedication to martial arts. They decided that they would like to learn more together and Maya’s family arranged for a group self-defense class.

Becky led the girls through a brief round of introductions before making sure they all agreed to use their learning for self-defense and not to hurt anyone. They talked about boundaries and then she asked them to identify a few things around the room. They found exits and talked about what could be used as a shield (chairs, piano) or a weapon (chairs, flag, stick, shoe).

She showed them how standing in a confident stance makes them feel different as well as maintaining their balance. They identified involuntary trigger targets and then learned and practiced an extremely effective grab release.

They took a couple of running breaks, ate cupcakes and as always had fun while learning some very important skills. Thank you to Becky, Maya and Michelle Waterson for the inspiration!